Pretty Custom Magnets Tutorial

Are you feeling crafty? Let’s make some pretty custom magnets with this tutorial!

Pretty Custom Magnets

I had been meaning to buy some pretty new magnets for my magnetic dry erase board, but I chose to make them myself instead! This custom magnets tutorial will show you how to create your own magnets step by step. Also, you’ll get some tips on what NOT to do (so you can learn from my mistakes!)

These pretty custom magnets can liven up your fridge, or your magnetic board, or maybe you are feeling extra crafty and you’ll make your own magnetic board too! Click here to learn how to make one!

So get your creativity on and let’s start crafting!

What you need:

Pretty Custom Magnets

– Magnets – I had some adhesive magnet strips and they worked great for this project.

– Cardboard – This will be the base for your custom magnet, so it will be sturdier. I used a recycled microwave popcorn box.

– Cardstock paper – Cardstock will be the sturdy and thick enough to handle the process. Regular paper will get see-through and wrinkly.

– Circle object – Actually, it can be any shape, but I chose circles. The object will just be your template. I used the inner circle of a small washi tape. If you have a circle hole punch, that would be perfect!

– Bleed-proof markers – You’ll need to make a few tests before deciding the type of marker you’ll use. I had great results with Prismacolor Premier’s Fine Line Markers.

– Mod Podge – I used regular Mod Podge to glue the cardboard and cardstock together, but other types of Mod Podge or even regular glue could work too.

– Mod Podge Dimensional Magic – This is what will make you custom magnets pop!

– Needle or Toothpick – Sometimes Mod Podge Dimensional Magic can get air bubbles. A needle can get rid of that problem.

How to make Pretty Custom Magnets

Create your design!

1. Draw your circle, both on the carboard and on the cardstock paper, using an object as a guide or template to get the size that you want.

2. Get creative and draw a pretty design within the circle on your cardstock paper. Remember, test your marker first, so when it gets wet by the Mod Podge it doesn’t bleed and ruin your design.

I actually messed up my “first batch” and had to redo them. (That’s why you’ll see some changes in the pictures.)

3. Cut the circle on both the cardboard and the cardstock paper, and glue them together with the regular Mod Podge.

Add dimension!

4. This is where it gets messy. Pour some of the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on your design. You can use as much as you like to get the dimension that you want.

I wanted to get a dome-like shape, so I poured a lot! Because that’s what the magic is, right? However, please learn from my mistake, do this on a surface that does not matter much to you and/or is easy to clean if you get any spills. I had quite a few spills. I put mine on some paper towels on the floor (the Mod Podge soaked right through that), and I moved my circles a few times by accident and they just kept spilling, and the floor was getting sticky,  and I just kept trying to refill the circles… It was a mess.

Sadly, I couldn’t get the dome shape on all of them. I still liked my results anyway, but now I know better for next time!

5. Be on the lookout for air bubbles. They are kind of sneaky. You think you have them beat and they just sneak right up when you’re not looking. And when everything dries, you can still see the sneaky bubbles in your designs. So even if you don’t see any bubbles at first, check back a few times while the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic is drying, and pop each one you see with a needle or toothpick! Avoid trying to remove the bubbles by moving them out through the edges of the design. That’s how you get spills

Finishing touches

6. Let everything dry overnight. Mod Podge Dimensional Magic’s instructions say to wait 3 hours. Don’t believe them. It won’t be dry and you’ll just get fingerprints on your design trying to pick them up! The more Mod Podge Dimensional Magic you pour, the more time it will take to dry.

7. Now that everything is dry, cut some of you adhesive magnet strips or glue the magnets you want to use, to the back of the cardboard.

You’re done! Aren’t they cute?

I made a few magnets that would work for a calendar, but you can write or draw anything on them and make them unique and awesome!

I hope you enjoyed this pretty custom magnets tutorial. If you made your own, post a picture in the comments section below!

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