These pretty paper rosettes can surely brighten up a house! You can also use them to decorate the walls in your office, craft room or even a school class room. The best thing is they are so easy to make.

Paper Rosettes - Paper and Landscapes

I have seen them in so many pictures and they always look so fun and cheerful! So I decided to make some cute paper rosettes for my bedroom, since all the walls are white and empty. I looked online and I found a few different ways to make them. So I chose the one I thought best for me and this is how I made them:


  • At least 2 pieces of scrapbook paper for each rosette. I used 12″ x 12″. Try to choose both papers with the same design, or different designs that look good together. (You can use 3 papers for a fuller rosette.)
  • Tape, to join the sides together. (You can also join them with glue, but I used tape to make it less messy.)
  • Cute small piece of paper or any kind of embellishment you’d like for the center of the rosette.
  • Small piece of cardboard for the back. (This is optional)
  • Strong glue. (For the embellishment and the cardboard.)

Making my own pretty paper rosettes

It’s really a very simple process, and this is only one of several different ways to make them, so you can actually change it up if you feel like there’s an easier way.

Paper Rosettes - Paper and Landscapes

I chose two coral pink scrapbook papers, they are both 12 inches by 12 inches, and they have a gradient, so my rosette will turn out in two pretty colors.

Then I started folding it in 1 inch strips approximately, in an accordion shape; it didn’t really mattered to me if they were all exactly the same, so I didn’t measure or made any markings, I just folded away! At the end I got a bit of paper that was too short, so I just cut it to make it all even.

The next thing I did was to fold it in half.

Paper Rosettes - Paper and Landscapes

I taped the two middle parts together to form a “fan” shape.

I used tape because with glue I would have had to join 2 sides of paper together and I thought it would make my rosette less full. (But also because I didn’t want to wait for the glue to dry!)

Try not to leave gaps like I did, because they will show on the other side.. But oh well, it looked pretty anyway!

Paper Rosettes - Paper and Landscapes

With my “fan” shape complete, I made the same process with the other scrapbook paper.

Then I joined both  papers together also with tape. (I think you can barely see the joins in the picture, which is great!)

I decided to glue a piece of cardboard to the back of the fan. This way if I want to attach it to a wall, I can just add a piece of mounting tape to the cardboard and I believe it will hold better than taping it to the rosette itself.

Paper Rosettes - Paper and Landscapes

I cut a piece of flowery scrapbook paper in a circle and then I glued it to the center of the paper rosette.

Paper Rosettes - Paper and Landscapes

You can really add anything to the center, even a card with a message, a picture, a button, or a small paper doily.

That’s it! I plan on making a lot more paper rosettes and making my walls pretty. I will post pictures when it’s finished! You can also use these paper rosettes as a photo backdrop for your next party.

Here is an example of paper rosettes decoration:

Dallas, TX: Martha Harms

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Paper Rosettes - Paper and Landscapes

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