How to Print a Printable in Different Sizes

This is how I print a printable in any size! Want to learn how to do it?

How to Print a Printable in Different Sizes
There are a few different ways to do it, but this is the easiest way I have found for me to change the size of a printable to make it work for me.

Especially when we’re talking about printable planner pages, it’s important to print the printables in the correct size that will fit in your planner. But not all printables come in different sizes for us to choose.

So this is one of the easy methods.

How to print a printable in a different size

For this tutorial, I will use one of the planner printables from my shop. This specific printable is made in a 5.5″ x 8.5″ document. It’s a Goal Planner that you can add to your planner or journal, or you could frame it, use it on a clipboard, etc. So depending of where you want to use it, you might want to print it in a different size.

How to Print a Printable in Different Sizes

For the first example, I want to print the document in 5″ x 7″ size.

♥ The first thing I do is to cut the paper to the size that I want. If I’m going to print several pages, I cut all the paper first. You can either measure the paper, or use one that you already have as a guide so that you don’t have to take any measurements at all.

I have found it’s so much easier to cut paper using an x-acto knife and a ruler, instead of scissors. Especially if you’re going to cut many pages, you can cut them all at once this way.

♥ I then load the paper into my printer.

How to Print a Printable in Different Sizes


♥ I open the PDF file and select Print. Then I go to Page Setup and I choose the size of my paper.

Print a Printable - Select Page Setup

♥ Before printing, make sure you select Fit, so that the printable will resize to fit into the paper size that you chose.

Print a Printable - Select Fit 1

That’s it!

But wait…

What if the size that you want is not in the list?

How to print a printable in a custom size

Depending on the printer that you have, different size options will be displayed, and in my experience, you can’t choose to enter the measurements yourself if you can’t find the size that you want. So this is what I do in that case.

For this second example, I will use the size of the classic Happy Planner, which is 7″ x 9.25″.

♥ In the Control Panel of my computer, I go to Devices and Printers, and after I select my printer, I click on Print Server Properties.

Print a Printable - Select Properties

♥ There I check the box to Create a New Form, I enter the name that I want for my custom paper size, and enter the measurements below.

Print a Printable - Create Form

♥ After I click Ok, I have created a new page size that I can use to print any document. You only have to do this process once, and then your custom page size is already made any time you want to use it.

Print a Printable - Select Custom Size

♥ So I can now follow the same steps as before, to print my printable in a new custom size. (Remember to select Fit!)

Print a Printable - Select Fit 2


Now you can do the same for any size of paper that you need to print in.

How to Print a Printable in Different Sizes

Other people might find it easier to just adjust the Custom Scale in the printing settings to a smaller number, and then cutting the paper to size. However, I think it’s more difficult that way, since you have to try to figure out the correct percentage for each size that you want, and then you also have to try to cut the paper with the design exactly in the center. By cutting the paper first, the program centers the image itself, and I also save paper if I can use the rest of it for another printable.

Try this method with our free printables!

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How to Print a Printable in Different Sizes

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  • July 18, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    I just wonder if this works to every printer. I mean.. I don’t know if my printer can print anything else but A4 paper.
    But it’s surely a great thing and worth trying eventhough I’m not sure my printer can print other sizes..

    Thanks for the post 🙂
    Self I’m always selecting sizes into the PDF document whenever I print or chose “print as book” when it comes to printing a bunch of school stuff

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    thanks.very infomative


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