Romantic Makeup Tutorial

A romantic makeup look is perfect for going out on a date, having a photoshoot with your significant other, or even for a beautiful bride on her wedding day! Get the step by step tutorial and tips for your romantic makeup below:

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What the Romantic Makeup Look is all about:

This Romantic Makeup is a warm and soft look for any lady who wants to look extra special, without having an overpowering makeup or needing expensive products or complicated techniques (except for the cat-eye, but you can handle that with some practice!). It is sweet and delicate, but still noticeable, perfect for special occasions.

What I used

Products I used - Romantic Makeup Tutorial

I am going to give you a list of the products I used for this romantic makeup look. However, you don’t need the exact same products to get a good result. Don’t stress about not having the same things. Just use whatever you have at hand, and have fun with it!

PS: I mainly use drugstore products, so they are easy to find and affordable. If you prefer high-end makeup, that’s ok to!

  • Stay Matte Primer – Rimmel London
  • Eyeshadow Primer [Nude] – Milani
  • Dark Circle Concealer [Light] – NYX
  • Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream [Fair] – L’oreal
  • Stay Put Brow Color [Dark Brown] – Milani
  • The Blushed Nudes – Maybelline
  • Cat Eye Eyeliner [Leather] – Jordana
  • Looks So Natural Eyelashes [Sultry] – Kiss
  • Full Exposure Mascara – Smashbox
  • Highlight & Contour Pro Palette – NYX
  • Super Shock Cheek Blush [Between the Sheets] – Colourpop
  • Lip liner [Natural] – Beautique
  • Lingerie Liquid Lipstick [Exotic] – NYX

Step 1: Prep

Prepare your canvas! Make sure your face is clean and hydrated. Also, exfoliate your lips beforehand, if possible. Apply primer and eye primer to make sure your foundation and your eye makeup stays on all day. Eye primer also helps your eye shadow look more pigmented and avoid creasing. Make sure all primers have dried before the next step. (Maybe choose what you’ll wear while you wait! That’s what I do )

Romantic Makeup 3

Step 2: Face

Romantic Makeup 4

Apply your concealer to cover any imperfections, and cover your dark circles. Then, apply your foundation evenly with a sponge or foundation brush. Set your foundation with loose or pressed powder.

Step 3: Eyes


Fill in your eyebrows with your favorite product, and make sure to brush them to eliminate any excess. We want them to look as natural as possible.

Romantic Makeup 5


Define your color scheme. You will need at least three or four shades. For a romantic makeup, the color scheme should include pearly white or nude beige, rose pink or mauve, and maybe even earthly brown.

I am using The Blushed Nudes palette by Mabelline (which I LOVE), so I will assign a number for each eyeshadow; that way I can tell you which one I’m using.

Romantic Makeup 6

Apply a light or pearly shade to the inner corner of your eyelid, and just below the inner corner of the waterline. I’m using eyeshadow #1.

Next, use a light pink or mauve to apply to the whole lid. For this I chose eyeshadow #5.

Use a darker shade for the outer corner of the eye, forming a V shape and swiping the excess along the crease. I used eyeshadow #11. If you want a smokier look, use a small amount of brown eyeshadow just on the corner of the V. For this, I used eyeshadow #6.

Romantic Makeup 7

Finally, use the darkest shade in your color scheme below the outer corner of your waterline.


Use a liquid liner or a gel liner with a thin, angled brush. Cat-eyes are tricky, so be patient. If possible, practice on yourself before your special occasion. If you find it too hard or just don’t want to risk it, it’s ok! Just go for the classic eyeliner, and you’ll look fabulous anyway

I can honestly say that the cat-eye still gets to me sometimes. Other times it’s a breeze. It’s kind of unpredictable. However, the trick is to take it step by step. First, make an upwards line using your waterline as a guide. I prefer starting small and then making adjustments as necessary. Then, make a second line, forming a triangle. Next, trace your lash line. Last but not least, fill the outline you have made.

Romantic Makeup 8

Usually, the first cat-eye is not that hard. What makes it difficult is to make the other eye look the same! But, don’t worry, just breathe and be patient. You’ll get it.


If you want to make this look extra special, I suggest using falsies. They may be too much for a night out, but for a wedding, I definitely think you should go all the way. Even using half lashes can be just the special touch you need.

If you are applying fake eyelashes, you need to make sure they will fit comfortably. If they are too big, just clip them carefully. Apply your eyelash glue on the base line of the lashes, and wait a few seconds. Stick them on your eyelid, as close as you can to your natural eyelashes (not ON them). Press them down for a while to make sure they are secure.


Put on a couple of coats of mascara to eliminate any space between your natural eyelashes and the fake ones, and also add a little more volume and length.

Step 4: Contour Highlight & Blush

A little bit of contouring is always a must for special occasions. I am using the Highlight & Contour Pro Palette from NYX.

Use a shade that is about two shades darker than your skin to contour. I am using shade # 6 on my palette, which is called Toffee. Make a soft line from your ears and into the direction of your mouth, without getting close to it. If you like, you can also contour the sides of your nose and the outer part of your forehead.

Romantic Makeup 9

Highlight the high points of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and your cupids bow. For this, I used shade #1, Ice Queen.

Apply a soft rose to the apple of your cheeks. Since I wanted to get a very soft just pinched pink, I used Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek, Between the Sheets.

Step 5: Kissable Lips

Line your lips with a nude or natural colored lipliner.

Romantic Makeup 10

Carefully apply a nude, or pink lipstick. I used NYX’s Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Exotic, and applied a little bit of powder on top of it to get a dusty rose shade. Use concealer to cleanup the edges, so your lips look perfect and kissable!

That’s it!

Ok, so maybe the whole process takes a little bit of time and patience if you are not too experienced with makeup. But, isn’t it completely worth it when you finish and your whole makeup is on point? It makes you feel fabulous!

Look at my results!

Before and After

Of course, you are still fabulous without any makeup. You are perfect no matter your physical imperfections. Still, special occasions are worth a little extra time and effort. So have fun with your romantic makeup look, and leave your significant other speechless at how amazing you are, inside and out!

Romantic Makeup 2

Romantic Makeup 1

Check out the video tutorial!

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