Set a Goal and Work on It!

Well, 2017 is now over, and new things are coming. How are you feeling? It’s time to set a goal and work on it!

Set a goal and work on it - Paper and Landscapes

By the end of last year, I was feeling so overwhelmed with my job, my home, my life.. So many things to do, and so little organization and planning..

I’ve always loved planners. But I never really learned how to use them to plan goals and fun things. I tend to write down appointments and important dates, and my tasks for the day, but when it came to planning to achieve my goals and dreams, I didn’t really work on that. December was when I started to see that if I really wanted to reach my goals I needed to actually plan on how to work on them.

So this year we’re going to have more posts about reaching our goals, working for our dreams, learning how to organize ourselves so that we can be productive but also make time for the little things that some times get forgotten, like being creative, taking time for ourselves, doing things that make us happy.

 Set a goal and work on it 

I have been researching on this topic because I really need it. This is a mix of what I have learned from others and what has worked specifically for me. Check it out, and download a free printable worksheet!

1: Set a goal

What do you want to achieve? Think about what you’ve been wanting or needing in your life, but you haven’t actually taken the time to work for it. Your goal could be something important, like learning a new skill or working on a big project, or it could be something more simple, like reading a whole book.

My main goal for this month is to have “Better Health”.

2: Think of the reason

What is your motivation? What will you gain with this goal? If you have a good reason, you are more likely to want to work for it.

I want to be healthier because it’s good for my body and mind, and it will make me stronger and more energized.

3: Set a timeline

By setting a timeline, you can visualize the end result, the time that you have to work on it, and when you have to get started on it, so that you can finish it by a certain date.

I will choose 4 weeks to start creating healthier habits.

4: Divide it into three parts

When I divide a goal into three main smaller parts, it becomes more achievable and makes me feel like I can do this, it’s just a matter of working only on these three parts!

For me, this goal can be divided into: Motivation, Healthy Foods, and Excercise.

5: Write down the steps or tasks

Now for each of the three parts, I write down what needs to be done to complete that part. So I write:

  • What research, if any, I need to do
  • What materials, ingredients, etc, I need to buy
  • The steps I need to take to achieve my goal

For my Healthy Foods part, I need to do research about healthy substitutions. Then I want to research and print at least 5 healthy recipes. For that I will need to buy some new ingredients, so I’ll write those down. And then I will plan my meals for each week, so I can include healthier recipes in each of my 4 weeks.

6: Add it to your planner or calendar

It would be really hard to achieve your goal if you only work on it when you suddenly remember it. So it is a good idea to add your tasks to your planner or calendar, so that when you look at it, you can see that you’re working on it, not abandoning it, like we all have done before… If you needed to buy something for your goal, add that to your planner, if you need to do research, set a reminder for it on your smartphone, etc. You can also set deadlines for each of the steps.

After I did my research, I added the healthy ingredients to my grocery list, so I can buy them the next time I go shopping. I wrote “Meal Plan” to each Sunday of my 4 weeks in my planner.

7: Set reminders and / or alarms

We need to be reminded of our motivation, or else we might get bored, tired, or lazy, and give up on working on our goal.

I added a note with my motivation on my phone, and set a reminder for every morning. I also changed my phone’s wallpaper to something that will inspire me to work on my goal.

8: Review and reward!

At the end of your timeline, when you have finally achieved your goal, you can look back at all your hard work and see all of your progress, see how easy or hard it was, and what you can change or add for your next goal. Reward yourself to keep you motivated, and set a new goal!

If your goal included creating new habits for your life, like mine, remember to keep working on them, even after the timeline is finished! You now have the motivation and the knowledge that you can do it.

Set a goal and work on it - Paper and Landscapes

 Free printable worksheet 

Click on the image below to go to our Freebies Library and download your free printable worksheet! If you still don’t have the password to enter, just subscribe to our blog and it will immediately be sent to your email. 🙂

Set a goal and work on it - Paper and Landscapes


Keep setting goals throughout the year, not only on January! By the end of the year you’ll have achieved so many things and be proud of yourself.

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Set a goal and work on it - Paper and Landscapes

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