Simple room redecorating ideas

Transform your room on a budget by changing simple details with these redecorating ideas!

It’s common to get motivated to make changes every new year. I love having that little boost of energy that comes with starting out a new year.

I have tons of goals for 2018, and one of them is making my room decor a little more fun and unique.

Redecorating ideas on a budget

No matter how big my motivations are, I have to be realistic. I don’t have the budget for big renovations or anything like that. And I know that most people get overwhelmed with redecorating because they don’t want to overspend.

That’s why I want to share with you some redecorating ideas that are super simple and budget friendly. I’m focusing on room decor, since that is my personal goal, but you can use these same ideas to any space you want to redecorate.

Rearrange it!

The most obvious of redecorating ideas, and the most budget friendly. You don’t have to spend a dime by just rearranging your room. Think about making space. The room will look bigger if you free up floor space. Also, ask yourself: Could the room be more efficient if I moved things a certain way? For example, if you have a desk in your room, it might be better for it to be closer to a window, so you have enough light to work on it during the day.


You might be surprised by how much a room changes by just getting rid of unnecesary things. The top of my drawer chest, for exaple, is full of items that I use every day. However, I’m planning on making some space for them in a drawer and just keep essentials on top, with a couple of decorative items. I would love something like this for my night stand too:

Washi tape is your friend

There are tons of simple redecorating ideas you could create with washi tape. In my room, I used washi tape to decorate an ugly light switch. You can read our tutorial for that project here! Also, I added a pop of color in an all black shelf. I’m planning to use it in my wall shelves too.

Add a bit of paint

Since we are on a budget, you might not want to paint the whole room. However, if you have some leftover paint the last time you did, you can add a little bit of color here and there. Even touching up the same color the room already has can help make it look brand new. You can also use other types of paint to repaint some items. I just bought a gold colored spray paint that I’m dying to use! And I’ve been considering chalk paint to give my night stand a makeover. I used this pretty kight teal paint for my room’s ceiling:

Redecorating Ideas - Paper and Landscapes

Decorate one wall

If you have a lot of stuff on your walls, consider taking them down and just choosing one wall to decorate. It’ll probably make the room look less cluttered by having just one focus point. You can use pictures, cute little message signs, drawings, paintings, printables, whatever makes you smile each time you look at it. I recently got a Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer (which I am in love with, and I’m planning on making a review of it soon!), and I can’t wait to decorate my wall with mini instant films.

Redecorating Ideas - Paper and Landscapes

Add or replace details

Change your bed covers, add a decorative pillow, get a fun rug, or throw in some curtains. These are some small changes that could really give a nice touch to your room. My mom is making me a super cute crochet rug, and I’m planning on making a fabulous faux fur throw pillow too.

Add or replace one big thing

Ok, so we’re talking about redecorating ideas on a budget, but don’t be scared of the phrase “big thing”. To make your room look really different, you can consider adding or replacing something more noticeable, something that can make a statement, like a pretty desk or a shelf. However, to stay within budget you might have to wait for the right moment, wether this means saving up for a while or just waiting for a great sale. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Try shopping online or at a garage sale for better offers.

So what do you think? Ready for a room makeover? I know I am!

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Redecorating Ideas - Paper and Landscapes

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