Spring Inspired DIY Flower Crown

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming and ideas are too. That’s why today we have this easy DIY Flower Crown, inspired by the season, just for you.


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DIY Flower Crown Materials

Get into the Spring mood with this super cute and easy DIY Flower Crown! Here’s what you need:

DIY Flower Crown 1

Artificial Flowers

To better represent the spirit of Spring, find some flowers with bright happy colors, or pastels, on the pink color scheme. Make sure you have enough to fill in the whole crown. I only bought one small bouquet to keep it simple, but you can get different kinds of flowers, as long as they all look good together. Size is also up to you, just get what you feel comfortable with.

Wire Cutter

Depending on the type of flowers you use, you can use scissors or a wire cutter if the stems are too hard to cut.

Floral Wire

This will be the actual crown. The only wire I could find was very thin. It still works, but if you can find thick floral wire it would work even better.

Floral Tape

This is going to make your flower crown look even and feel comfortable.

Strong Glue

I tried to use normal craft glue, and it didn’t work at all. Hot glue will keep your flowers in place.

Step by step

DIY Flower Crown 2

1.Measure three pieces of wire to fit your head. If you want a sturdier crown you can cut more pieces. Get them all together to form a circle, and bend the ends to join them together.

[Remember, I’m using thin wire, so I had to use three pieces. If you can find thick wire, you might be able to skip this step.]

DIY Flower Crown 3

2.Use the floral tape to cover the joined wire part. It’s important to cover this part so you don’t hurt yourself with the wires.

DIY Flower Crown 4

3.Cut your flowers and leaves. Cut some flowers along with their stems, and the rest without stems. Don’t throw away the leaves! They can be great to fill in gaps if you don’t have enough flowers. Also, they give the flower crown some contrast.

DIY Flower Crown 5.2

4.Get your flower tape and wrap them around your stemmed flowers. The stems will give the crown more support.

DIY Flower Crown 6

5.Wrap the rest of the crown with the floral tape. This will make the crown look cohesive and complete. Also, it will make it sturdier.

DIY Flower Crown 7

6.Get your composition right. Before you go crazy with the glue gun, get all your flowers and leaves and figure out where you want them. Like I said, I used just one bouquet, so I had to make sure that I had flowers all around the crown, specially in the front. I used more leaves for the backside of the crown.

DIY Flower Crown 8

7.Start glueing! Use your hot glue, patiently and carefully, to finish your flower crown. Hot glue is famous for leaving behind some pesky glue strings. Just wait for it to cool and remove them.

DIY Flower Crown 9

DIY Flower Crown 10

That’s all! Very easy procedure and very cute results

DIY Flower Crown 11

DIY Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown..


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