How to Use Your Printables – 12 Ideas

Do you love downloading random printables, worksheets, planner pages, or anything you can print yourself at home, but are not sure what to do with them after? Here are some ideas for you! Learn some tips on how to use your printables.

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

I have been making printables for so long! I just love the idea of creating my own planner inserts, my own home binder pages, worksheets that help me achieve goals or be inspired… And sharing them with others is the best part, because I get to see how other people use them as well and improve their productivity or organization with them.

So, my sister and I, since we started this blog, have been creating free printables for you. I also have an Etsy shop called RoseberryLand, where I sell all my planner printables. But those printables are not only for those who have a binder to add them to.

There are so many options on how to use your printables! I have had a lot of ideas, but here are just 12 of them, so that next time you download your printable, you decide what you’re going to do with it after. Let’s start with the most obvious ones:

1. Add your printables to a discbound notebook or planner

How To Use Printables - Paper and LandscapesI love discbound notebooks, as they are so much easier to manage than binders, and so much more flexible than regular notebooks. You can pull out the pages and attach them again in a moment. The thing is, to add new pages to a discbound notebook or planner, you need to have a special discbound hole punch. For me, it has been really worth it. I love adding pages, and taking pages out to reorganize my planner. It keeps me organized!

2. Add them to a regular binder or a ring-bound planner

There are ring-bound planners in many shapes and sizes, so this is a good option too for your printables. Just like the discbound planners, with ring-bound you can also add and remove pages as you want, giving you flexibility on how to arrange your planner pages. Depending on the size of the planner, you can print your printables in the size that you need using this guide. A regular binder also works well for projects, home organization printables, and worksheets!

3. Attach them to a notebook or journal

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

If you prefer using a regular notebook for your planning or journaling, you can also add printables to it. Just glue them on, or attach them using pretty washi tape! This way you don’t miss the fun of using printables even if you prefer having the structure of a notebook. Of course, adding many Daily Planner pages to your notebook would make it too bulky, so it’s better to use printables that you’ll use less often, like Monthly Planners, Goal Pages, or Challenge Lists.

4. Keep them on your desk

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

When you need to be working on a special project, or following a tight schedule, having a Project Planner page on your desk is a nice idea. A Goal Setting worksheet on your desk can also help to remind you to work a little bit on your goal each time you see it. You can use a clipboard too, to keep your desk more organized.

5. Attach your printables to your walls

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

If you need to be able to constantly look at your calendar, attaching it to a wall will help! You can use it on a wall above your desk, or maybe on the back of your door. You can also attach a habit tracker page with a magnet on a dry erase board, add a printable recipe page on your fridge door, or a tasks list on a cork board.

6. Use them on your tablet

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

If you have a tablet that you can write on with a digital pen or stylus, like an iPad Pro, or a Surface laptop, you can use your printables to create a digital planner. You can write on them using a PDF reader or an app like Goodnotes.

7. Tape them to create a booklet

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

The Goals Planner printables are good for this one! Tape them together using some pretty washi tape to create your own booklet and have it around, on your nightstand, your desk, or your wallet! That way you’ll always be reminded of your goals, of what you’re working for. Another option is taping together your Monthly printables, so you can make a booklet for January, another one for February, etc. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a planner to put them in, or you just like working with a few pages at a time.

8. Keep your printables in a box and use them as you need

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

You can store your printables, like the Daily pages for example, in a cute box on your desk or nightstand. Each day you can take out a page and fill it out for the day’s tasks and to dos, and then store it back in the box or in a different one. This works well for those who only need a page to get organized for the day, but don’t want to carry a planner.

9. Attach them to your scrapbook or photo album

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

If a specific printable creates a good memory for you, it’s a good idea to keep it somewhere where you can see it again now and then. A schedule for a trip, a challenge that you completed, or the plans for a certain project that you enjoyed, are good options for this. A Yearly Goals printable will be awesome to have as the first page of a scrapbook, followed by pictures of how you came to achieve those goals!

10. Keep them on your planner’s pocket

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

If you already have a planner that you can’t add pages to, another idea is to store the needed printables in your planner’s pocket if it has one. If it doesn’t have one, you can just attach it with a paper clip. This is perfect for Yearly Calendars to keep as reference!

11. Keep them in the book you’re reading

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

Are you following a reading schedule to finish the book in a certain time? A Schedule printable is a good idea to keep inside the book you’re reading, to keep it visible.

12. Use them as a dry erase board

How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

Add the printable to a glass picture frame and you can create your own customized dry erase board. This is great when you need to write on the same printable again and again, like a Weekly Planner, without having to print it so many times. Here’s an example of how to do it.

There are so many more ideas that I could think of, but these are my favorite, the ones that I use and want to keep using. Printables are so useful! They help me get organized, be more productive and inspired to work on my goals and dreams.

So don’t keep yourself from using them just because you don’t have a ring-bound planner to put them in. There are so many options to choose from!


I hope you liked the list and are ready to use your printables. We have some good ones in our Freebies Library that you can get for free, and we will keep adding more each month! If you haven’t already, subscribe to our blog to get the password to enter. It’s all free!

Note: Remember that our printables, like all other printables that you buy or get for free on the internet, are for personal use only. Please, do not resell, or redistribute them. Instead, link to our blog so that others can visit us and get their own free printables. 🙂

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How To Use Printables - Paper and Landscapes

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