Watercolor Wooden Letter – Easy DIY Ideas

Learn how to make a simple wooden letter beautiful with watercolor abstract flowers. This simple tutorial will help you decorate your own easy watercolor wooden letter!

Watercolor Wooden Letter - Paper and Landscapes

I was trying to decide what to do with my wooden letter to make it pretty. I have two shelves above my desk and I have been wanting to make some cute DIY things to put on them. I bought this wooden letter at Walmart and I decided to watercolor it!


A Watercolor Wooden Letter - Materials

What I used:
– Wooden letter (bought it at Walmart)
– White matte acrylic paint
– Foam brush
Watercolor paint
– Watercolor brush
– Small container with water
Small paint palette tray

At first I was going to make a random abstract design on my wooden letter, but then I decided to make it look like flowers, since they are so easy to make with watercolors.

Painting The Letter

Watercolor Wooden Letter - Paper and Landscapes - Steps1

1: I poured some white matte acrylic paint into my tray.

2: You could also do this with a regular brush, but I chose a foam brush to make it easier.

3: I painted a coat with the white matte acrylic paint.

4: After it dried, I painted another coat, and then a third one.

Watercolor Wooden Letter - Paper and Landscapes - Steps2

5: I made some peach and coral colors mixing red, orange, yellow, and white watercolor paints.

6: Starting with a light color, I applied it randomly to my wooden letter with a watercolor brush.

7: If you feel like you applied too much paint, you can clean some of it with a paper towel.

8: I painted with these light colors first, trying to make a random design, using water to make the colors flow.

Watercolor Wooden Letter - Paper and Landscapes - Steps3

9: I left some areas white to give it some contrast.

10: After leaving it to dry for a while, I painted some tiny green leaves.

11: Then I went with darker hues of the same coral and peach colors and made some abstract flower shapes.

12: Finished and dry. Love it!

A Watercolor Wooden Letter

You could also paint more flowers in different colors, but I decided to keep it simple.

Be careful not to pick your letter up before it has dried completely because the watercolor paint could run and ruin your design. Be patient!

Watercolor Wooden Letter

A Watercolor Wooden Letter

I really love how it looks! It turned out sweet and delicate but also rustic and cute. It goes well with the colors on my shelf. What do you think?

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Watercolor Wooden Letter - Paper and Landscapes

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