Weekly Photo Challenge 2018

This is it! The new Paper and Landscapes’ Weekly Photo Challenge for 2018! Let’s make this a fun and creative year!

Weekly Photo Challenge 2018 - Paper and Landscapes

Two years ago, we started our Weekly Photo Challenge for 2016, and it was amazing! We’ve participated in photo challenges before but they were either too overwhelming, or just too hard to keep up with. So we decided to make our own, and it was a really fun experience.

What is the Weekly Photo Challenge?

Paper and Landscapes’ Weekly Photo Challenge is about taking pictures all year long with a sense of purpose. We will give you a set of themes, one theme for each week of the month. The theme will guide you and inspire your creative process.

This time, each month will have a different category. And under that category there will be the words or phrases that you can use as a guide to take your picture for each week.

Anyone can do it!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have an expensive camera to be able to do this challenge. You can use any camera that you have, or even your own phone. And your pictures don’t have to be perfect, as long as you take a moment of your day or week to put your mind into something creative and fun, because that’s actually the goal of this exercise.

Weekly Photo Challenge 2018 - Paper and Landscapes

Make it fun and relax!

Don’t worry if you fail to take a week’s picture, just take it the next one! Just try to set a bit of time for it, as this is something to help you get out of your usual routines, and include some art into your every day life. But don’t see it as a burden, just have fun with it!

Some week’s themes will be more abstract, for example “Happiness”. In that one, everyone’s picture might be different, as what you define as a happy moment or situation can differ from everyone else’s. Make this project about you and your life, so that you can look back on it at the end of the year and smile to see your 2018 in pictures!

Share your pictures with us

You can do this challenge for yourself, but you can also share your pictures on Instagram and see other’s pictures as well!

If you do that, you can tag your pictures with:


That way, we’ll be able to see all of your challenge pictures together and at the end of the year we’ll show some of them on the blog in an end-of-challenge post!

Weekly Photo Challenge 2018

January: Feelings
Week 1 / Sunday 7: Happiness
Week 2 / Sunday 14: Surprise
Week 3 / Sunday 21: Trust
Week 4 / Sunday 28: Serenity

February: Colors
Week 5 / Sunday 4: Something green
Week 6 / Sunday 11: My favorite color
Week 7 / Sunday 18: Something blue
Week 8 / Sunday 25: Something colorful

March: Love
Week 9 / Sunday 4: A person I love
Week 10 / Sunday 11: A thing I love
Week 11 / Sunday 18: Something I love to do
Week 12 / Sunday 25: Somewhere I love to be

April: Photography
Week 13 / Sunday 1: A landscape
Week 14 / Sunday 8: A close up
Week 15 / Sunday 15: A portrait of a person
Week 16 / Sunday 22: Movement
Week 17 / Sunday 29: Flat lay

May: Food
Week 18 / Sunday 6: My favorite food
Week 19 / Sunday 13: Warm food
Week 20 / Sunday 20: Cold food
Week 21 / Sunday 27: Something tasty

June: Emotions
Week 22 / Sunday 3: Something peaceful
Week 23 / Sunday 10: A good day
Week 24 / Sunday 17: Something incredible
Week 25 / Sunday 24: Feeling free

July: Abstract
Week 26 / Sunday 1: A question
Week 27 / Sunday 8: An answer
Week 28 / Sunday 15: A dream
Week 29 / Sunday 22: A beginning
Week 30 / Sunday 29: An end

August: Design
Week 31 / Sunday 5: Something with lines
Week 32 / Sunday 12: A texture
Week 33 / Sunday 19: Something with dots
Week 34 / Sunday 26: A pattern

September: Light
Week 35 / Sunday 2: Sunlight
Week 36 / Sunday 9: Lamp light
Week 37 / Sunday 16: Night lights
Week 38 / Sunday 23: Shadow
Week 39 / Sunday 30: Back light

October: Things
Week 40 / Sunday 7: A mirror
Week 41 / Sunday 14: A cup
Week 42 / Sunday 21: A tool
Week 43 / Sunday 29: Paper

November: Hobbies
Week 44 / Sunday 4: Something musical
Week 45 / Sunday 11: Something fun
Week 46 / Sunday 18: Something creative
Week 47 / Sunday 25: Something relaxing

December: Nature
Week 48 / Sunday 2: Flowers
Week 49 / Sunday 9: Greenery
Week 50 / Sunday 16: Water
Week 51 / Sunday 23: Animals
Week 52 / Sunday 30: Sky

Printable version

Weekly Photo Challenge 2018 - Paper and Landscapes



We will be posting the word for each month on Instagram, so be sure to follow us!

Download your free printable calendar! You can write the themes for each week in it so you don’t forget 🙂

Have fun!

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Weekly Photo Challenge 2018 - Paper and Landscapes

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