Wooden Square Background – Easy DIY Ideas

This easy to make wooden square background will make your shelf or desk look so cute and lovely. It can hold a nice picture, a small print, or a loving message. See how you can make your own!

Wooden Square BG - Paper and Landscapes

Okay! So the next project I’m making for my house is this nice wooden square background to hold some pretty things, and look all cute on the shelf above my desk. I don’t really know what style this is, I would say it’s rustic, but also a bit modern, so I think it would look great in different kinds of decoration styles.

Why is it so easy?

Because you only really need three different materials. The paint is optional; it actually looks good with the wooden color, but I decided for a light blue kinda green look, so it would go with my current decor. Also, you can make it as tall or as wide as you want, and you can use any kind of wooden sticks that you can find at a craft store.

This is what I used:

Wooden Square Materials - Paper and Landscapes

– Some skinny wooden sticks (I bought these at Walmart)
Strong glue or hot glue
– A binder clip (I used a small one, but bigger ones will work too)
– Optional: Acrylic paint (I used a matte “key west” color)
– Optional: Paint brush

Let’s get to it!

It’s really simple

Wooden Square - Steps 1234

1: I laid all the skinny sticks that I wanted, to form a square with them. I didn’t want them to be too aligned, so I pushed some of them to each side.

2: I took another skinny stick and applied glue to one side.

3: After I glued it to the sticks that were laying flat, I applied glue to another one and attached it to the other side. I let it dry for a while.

4: Then I started the painting process. I didn’t want to cover it completely, so I used very little paint in my brush.

Wooden Square - Steps 5678

5: After one coat, I decided to cover it a bit more, and kept painting until I liked how it looked.

6: I applied some of the strong glue to one side of my binder clip.

7: Then I attached it to the top of my wooden square.

8: And this is how mine looked at the end!

Wooden Square 2 - Paper and Landscapes

Wooden Square Background

I absolutely love the color! It looks so happy on my shelf.

Wooden Square 1 - Paper and Landscapes

You can actually add any kind of paper message, art, or pictures that you want and I’m sure it will look great with anything in it. You could also change it daily or weekly, attach a note with your tasks for the day, or leave a nice message for your loved one.

Wooden Square 3 - Paper and Landscapes

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More easy DIY ideas will be posted soon, so stay around, and happy crafting!

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Wooden Square BG - Paper and Landscapes

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