Your Wedding: Better Wedding Pictures

Getting married soon? Here are some tips you should know to get better wedding pictures!

As you might already know, my sister and I are photographers. And although, wedding photography is not exactly our specialty, we’ve both had our share of experiences photographing weddings. Let me tell you something. Wedding photography is not an easy thing to do! That’s why I believe there should be a collaboration between who’s planning the wedding and the photographer.

Whether you are getting married soon, or you’re thinking about getting married someday, or maybe you just know someone who’s getting married, these tips might be useful to you. We hope to make this a section on our blog called “Your Wedding”, where we’ll help you out with tips, ideas, and other resources for your special day. Let’s get started!

Better Wedding Pictures

After that wonderful day you have been waiting for your whole life, you will surely want to treasure your wedding pictures forever. Even if there were any imperfections that day (which there usually are), your wedding pictures will make everything seem like it was absolutely flawless. They will forever hold that day’s beauty along with you and your soulmate’s pure happiness shared by your friends and families. That’s how important your wedding pictures are. And that’s why you should do whatever is in your hands to help make them look beautiful!

Choosing the photographer

Do your research. This is very important. Don’t just go for the cheapest offer, or the distant cousin who recently got a new camera. (I mean, if they happen to be the best photographer for you, then sure, go for it!) Remember, there are so many great photographers out there, but they are not all wedding photographers. You might know someone who takes amazing photographs of landscapes and loves to take pictures of their dog. Still, that doesn’t make them a wedding photographer!

Look for someone who has enough experience in the wedding photography field. Ask them to see pictures of their most recent wedding. Ask about the way they work, and about their style. Maybe their style is more posed and elegant, but you’re more into candid photographs and a funny, quirky style. Go with someone who understands what you want in your wedding pictures and knows how to make it happen. Don’t just rely on a pretty website (which is important, but not the only important thing). Try to see if you can get some feedback from their past clients. You need someone who you can connect with, and is also an experienced and reliable professional.

Better Wedding Pictures - Paper and Landscapes - Copyright by Coralie Sanabria

Lighting is everything

If you did a good job on choosing your photographer, they’ll know how to fix or work with any lighting you throw at them. But hey, why make it harder to get better wedding pictures? To be completely honest, I absolutely hate when wedding receptions have colorful LED lights and lasers and the rest of the place is pitch black. I mean, I get that you wanna have that party feel, but that just makes it ten times harder for your wedding photographer!

The best lighting for a photographer to work with at an event where his subjects will be moving around and he’ll have to work from different angles, is a bright, even, soft lighting. Natural light would be great, although I know not all weddings can be early in the day, and not all venues have enough windows. Talk to your photographer about this and ask them for their opinion on what type of lighting they would prefer. Maybe you can add some to the venue, or they can come better prepared with equipment they will need to light their subjects.

[If you’re curious about lighting, check out this previous post I wrote about portrait lighting.]

Make space!

During the ceremony, your photographer will have to move a lot around the church or venue. Try to make a comfortable path for them to move freely. I’ve had situations where I have to move across the room to capture a moment before it goes by, and there are just too many things in the way to move quickly. In those cases, the only thing that saves me is having a second shooter on the opposite side of the venue, so no special moments are lost.

Also, think about the family portraits, wedding party portraits, and your couples’ session. If going outside to take the pictures is not possible, designate a specific space on the venue that is decorated simply and has good lighting, where everyone can stand and pose for the photos.

Better Wedding Pictures - Paper and Landscapes - Copyright by Coralie Sanabria

Communication is a must

I’ve mentioned a few times that you should ask things to your photographer. Why? Because communication is an important key to getting better wedding pictures. Some people think that you just hire a photographer and they show up to take pictures, and that’s it. It’s not like that. The photographer will probably want to meet with you or have a consult over the phone to get all the details right. However, the approach doesn’t always have to be from them. If you are unsure about whether an idea will work for your wedding pictures or not, just talk to them about it. Also, make sure that you get a contract so you can avoid misunderstandings in the future.

On the other hand, communication is also important with other people who will be part of your wedding. For example, you can ask your guests to wait until the end of the ceremony to take pictures, so you can avoid those annoying smartphone photobombs. Or talk to your family about how the family portraits’ process will be so they can be ready when it’s time for that. Communication can make it all easier and help things flow better.

It takes time

Try not to rush your wedding pictures. When you’re planning the schedule for your wedding day, make sure that your photographer will have enough time in every stage of the wedding. The photographer usually takes pictures at the bride’s house, and then needs enough time to get to where the ceremony will be held, and enough time to take pictures there before the bride gets there. The family portraits take time and the couples’ session does too. Everything takes time. Your photographer will surely try to do everything as quickly as needed, but it’s better to schedule extra time and not need it, than to need more time and not be able to have it.

Better Wedding Pictures - Paper and Landscapes - Copyright by Coralie Sanabria

Hope these tips help on your wedding day! I’m sure your wedding pictures will be gorgeous ♥

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